The Prosperity Game

How would you like to play a game that teaches you to value yourself? That shows you techniques for pushing through fear and lack of self-worth, to reveal a life full of realized dreams, fun and laughter? That guides you out of the "struggle" game and into feeling excited about living every day?

This isn't about the MONEY. It's about SELF-WORTH and SELF EMPOWERMENT!  this is about using Money as the teacher to helping you to embrace your full potential and embrace life!

Ken and I have been gifted with the perfect vehicle for this game - a health/wellness 'business-in-a box' that anyone can grow from home or in their spare time. Pushing through our own 'wealth' issues, I found great energy tools for unlocking those blocks to wealth., to stop pushing against the idea of wealth and allowing abundance to flow effortlessly. We have been using the product for over a year and are amazed at the benefits we are feeling in our bodies from this new Ayurvedic-formulated supplement. Other "Wealth" courses have great principles to follow but no hands-on training that confront the issues as they arise.

The Prosperity Game will provide you:

* a Part-time business with full-time potential (internet storefront) set up for you and ready for a Grand Opening

* Step by step Training in marketing your business

* A one day seminar to overcome fear of success

* Daily support and guidance from Ken and Dianne via email and/or text

* Weekly phone sessions on manifesting prosperity

* An 'A' Team of multimillion-dollar players to help you promote your business.

It's time to let go of 'making it' all alone. This is about manifesting abundance in the new dimensions of community.

This is an Immersion experience that will "RE-WIRE" your mind to release resistance and UNLOCK your INNER Wealth through in-the-field experience.

So here's the plan. You have to have some real "skin' in the game or you won't push through the limiting fears and beliefs. We are only accepting 10 people into the game at this time - to assure that every person receives our full attention.

Answer these two questions and the call us for more details  843-821-0232

1) What would all this be worth to you to shift the energy of making money from struggle to Prosperity?

2) How quickly do you want to shift?

Admission to the Game- $200   monthly fee $20-$120



We wish you  Love, Prosperity and Freedom!

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