The Traveler's Guide

to the Fifth Dimension

 Teachings for Starseeds, Lightworkers and Those seeking High Consciousness

The Fifth Dimension is the beginning of Expanded Consciousness, not the destination.   I, like yourself, have felt this urgency to move forward, a strong desire to break free of the old patterns and experience physical life experience in a new way.   I, like yourself, have been receiving and preparing my body, mind and spirit.   Knowing that my personal role is Teacher,  I've been planting seeds and always opening myself and my fellow travelers to new levels of light.   Now there is a beautiful galactic alignment that brings the energies to make that quantum leap into      Embodied  Consciousness!

You know there's so much more!

There's a knowingness that there's something richer, more passionate, more meaningful to this earthly experience. You have gotten a taste of it now and then, and now you want the whole thing.  However, I want to be clear. We're not going to make your 3D - five sense - experience better, because that is what you're really tired of. We're going into a totally sensory experience which is just the beginning of unlimited expansion.

 You are right where you are suppose to be! Every path you took was preparing for this moment - This exciting, scary, blissfilled, adventurous moment of your Conscious Awakening!

 So the question is... Do you want to continue in the life that you're in now? Tweaking it a little bit, manifesting more money and comfort, smoothing the rough edges?


Are you Ready to Ignite the rocket to a Multidimentional Life?

If you're ready, I'm here to guide you. In fact, everyone attending will be guiding each other, locking arms together to clear the path.

The teachings will include but not be limited to...

 Such as...

I promise lots of tools to simplify the journey.

The Vehicle

Believe it or not, this part has been the hardest to figure out.  How to make it both accessible within 3D lives, yet allow for the necessary time for integration.

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